Professional Video vs. DIY

Thinking about doing a video to help promote your business? Well, it's a good idea since YouTube is the second to most used search engine. But you may be thinking “Do I really need a professional producer? Maybe what I can do will be good enough and will save money. I can use my own commercial video camera, or phone, and an automated video editing service or app."

Well, we don't blame you for thinking about this - in fact we do it ourselves! But there's something everyone should know, that there's a time and place for DIY and there's a time and place to invest in a professional video. If it's for your business - go professional, here's why...

You may end up with a product that does not truly perform or gain the results that you hoped for. You see, professionals may use high-end expensive tools to make you look good, but it's not just about that. It's about being effective. And just because someone knows how to use the tools, doesn't mean they are effective producers. 

Consider the final product: effective communication. A professional video equals a professional impression. Conversely, amateur video equates to an amateur impression of you. Which one do you want for your business? 

Video professionals do more than film pictures and edit them together. They are communication specialists who know how to tell a story to help you gain the reputation that you really want, and need. They are helping businesses grow, and succeed.