Video for Non-profits

At XSEED Design and Production we aim to tell compelling stories to effectively help non-profits gain support. Non-profits, as we see it, are the most deserving of professional video services to help them effectively communicate to patrons and gain financial support. However, we are also a small business who relies on income for the services that we provide. Non-profits rarely have the extra funds to pay for these services,  so we've put together suggestions on how they can get the video they so desperately need, and still pay us for our time and expertise. If we work together, it can be a win-win for everyone!

Option 1.

Ask for Sponsorships

With video being one of the most highly visible ways to get your story out there, the video you make can be paid for by sponsors who in turn get excellent exposure and visibility. You can offer to include their logos in the video and give them a copy of the video to highlight on their website and social media channels. Most sponsors are more than happy to pay for this type of PR since it showcases their company and their philanthropy-based values.

Option 2.

Include Video in your Grant Proposals

You already obtain grants to help you with your promotional efforts. And now it's time that you work video into your overall plan to help you gain support. Did you know that a 30sec-1min video costs the same as 1/2 page ad in a magazine? This all looks so much more feasible now doesn't it?

Option 3.

Include video in your fundraising plans

Let's say an organization has offered to run a fundraiser for you. If you add the cost of the video to the overall fundraising goals, then you can reimburse the cost of the video with the money that you raise. With video being a highly effective way to promote the fundraiser - you could raise more money than you ever thought possible.  Both you and the organization will be showcased in the video and can be used for future or repeat efforts. It's a win-win-win for all! 

XSEED Design and Production is a small business with the freedom to customize any financial strategy. Contact us to explore just how we can accomplish this together.