Your brand is your impression upon people. The impression you give plays an extremely important role in the success of your business.

Our Professional Toolbox provides:

Logo & Brand Identity Design . Stationery (Letterhead, Business Cards, etc.) . Colour Scheming  . Interface Design . Icon Design . Ad Design . Brochures . Photo Manipulation . Annual Reports . PowerPoint Presentations . Flyers . Posters . Signs . Greeting Cards . Album Covers  . Book Covers . Invitations . Billboards


We can design your logo, create a color scheme, identify good use of fonts, and provide guidelines for use of typography, layout and photography. Our branding, or re-branding package will get your business off to the right start toward success.

We know your brand needs to celebrate who you are, and we know it needs to do it through professional and appealing design. There are reasons why people gravitate to certain visuals, and we know this formula well. We know how color, line, shape, space, light, all work together, and effect one another to create a harmonious image.

Your brand is also more than an impression, it is your essence in the most simplistic form. This takes much education and skill to create, and to do it successfully. It is most important to carry a consistent brand throughout all your materials to best provide longevity and serve your business throughout the years of your growth.

Your brand should earn trust, express legitimacy, show professionalism, be unique, carry strength, be approachable and intriguing, and make you stand out from your competition. We know what it takes to do this, and to do it right.


We offer graphic design services from small individual projects to large campaigns. We pay attention to how to best address your individual style while communicating its sole purpose. We don't just make pretty pictures, we make gorgeous imagery that functions. Graphic design plays a very important role in how you portray your professionalism. Let us help you shine!