We are professional storytellers. We put Soul into what we do.  We put something of ourselves into every project in order to create the most intriguing cinematic art - And it's all for you.

A team of two, but the talent and skills of many


Alicia Beeson

Project Manager / Creative Director

Alicia is an emotive artist, graphic designer and video editor who specializes in motion graphics. She has the uncanny ability to interpret what her clients' are looking for and formulates visual messaging that exceeds their expectations.

Previous to starting XSEED Design in 2008, Alicia was employed by a world-wide infrastructure company, Parsons Brinckerhoff, where she served as lead designer and manager of the motion graphics department for 13 years. Here she directed and developed hundreds of communication projects that showcased her design, editing and animation talents. Due to her ability to take a media project from start to finish, Parsons Brinckerhoff  continues to contract her on a project-to-project basis. 

Starting XSEED Design was a dream come true for Alicia as she now expanded her talent into a wider range of creative projects, supporting small businesses who share the same passion in what they do.

The projects that Alicia is most passionate about are projects around art, nature and the environment. But no matter what the project type, Alicia brings excitement, confidence, optimism, commitment and quality to all of her work.


Oaken Beeson

Production Manager / Director of Photography

Oaken started off training as an actor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, after a few years on stage the urge to handle cameras took over and he retired from acting to pursue Cinematography. Since then his interests moved to the screen and he became General Manager of the Starz Film Center in Denver, CO. While filming on the side and learning everything about lighting and digital cameras he also learned projection and became Technical Director for the Denver Film Society and the Denver International Film Festival. If he wasn't busy enough he also ran the "booth" for several years at Red Rocks Amphitheater for Film on the Rocks, showcasing original 35mm prints in front of thousands. He witnessed first hand how the world transformed into digital, leaving behind 35mm and the long history of film. Being on the cusp of the new industry gave him insight into the future mixed with the tried and true techniques of the past. "No matter how advanced digital gets, I'll always be a film nerd at heart." 

Nowadays, Oaken has retired from festivals and events and spends his time focused solely on anything with a lens. From the big dog Arri Alexa to the DSLR revolution, if it focuses and has a sensor, he has used it. But the technology is just a tool, it's not what you use but how you use it, Oaken sees the world a little bit different than most and he brings that originality to every production.