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New Releases

Every month we have a few newbies and you never know what the winds will bring! Every video is uniquely made to help our client's reach their goals. We hope that we can inspire you to create one with us too!

Shop Loco

The Downtown Longmont Creative District reached out to us to capture Longmont Colorado's vibrant Main Street shops for this Shop Loco campaign. 

"Wow! I am so impressed by how exciting and artful the Shop Loco video is, especially the brilliantly playful timing of the movement in the visuals with the movement of the music. Thank you for making our city sparkle like that." ~Marj (Hahne)

ACE Awards Nominees 2017

It was the biggest year for the AGC (Association of General Contractors) with more award submissions than ever before. You know what that means right? There's been a lot of construction growth in Colorado! Along with developing the animated slideshows for the entire program, we developed this video highlighting all of the nominees to kick-off the ceremony.

The is an overview video, (the first of 5) that include oral interviews with some of the highest acclaimed architects in our state. These videos for The American Institute of Architects, Colorado Chapter, was paid for by History Colorado thorugh a Historical Fund Grant.

Mountain Marsupial

Here's a short promo video for a revolutionary jacket for new moms that will both support and encourage them to get outdoors with their babies.

Net Zero Energy Home Building

Cornerstone homes brings net zero energy to new home builders, how do they do it? Watch and find out!

Colorado Produce

Colorado is growing some of the finest produce in the country. Learn more from the Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Association!

Message to Consumers:

Message to Retailers:

2016 ACE AWards

AGC Colorado, the Association for General Contractors of Colorado, recognize the amazing projects and contractors each year at the ACE Awards including Best Building Project Over 70 Million. For this big night we not only provided the media production for the entire awards ceremony, but we also created this cool video. We'd like to congratulate all the winners this year for their contribution to the amazing growth in our beautiful state of Colorado!

Women's Wilderness

Introduction to an amazing non-profit organization that provides opportunities for young girls to get outdoors and explore their potential.

Terry Barker interiors

Introducing interior designer, Terry Barker, whose goal is to reflect each of her client's individual style with her work. There's nothing that we think she can't do!

Callum and Melissa

Highlight of a special wedding day for a very special couple. 

ELPS Program, Morgridge College of Education

Design and build with this amazing program for students who want to learn hands-on construction skills.

Quality Renovations

Professional renovations, with integrity.

Cornerstone Development

A public awareness video to help surrounding neighborhoods understand the vision for the a development project in Lafayette, CO., named Cornerstone.

Print Experts

Here's a motion graphics video we did to help promote a new brand campaign, the Office Hero! We designed the hero to incorporate into the video as well as all of their marketing materials. Check it out! Or visit them at: https://myprintexperts.com/

Visit Longmont

This place is a gem! We had so much fun making this video of our home town to welcome new visitors.

Longmont Integrative Family Practice

This is a business profile video of a doctor who truly wants to know "are you happy?", because if not, shes there to help you enjoy your life again, in good health.

Go Sober

A Comcast broadcast commercial for an alcoholic recovery program, and the most effective program we've ever learned about. This is a real testimonial about one of their many successes. For more information visit: www.gosober.org

Labyrinth Canyon Vision Quest

An 8-day canoe trip and 2-day solo retreat led by the River's Path who is helping people reconnect with nature and themselves.

Zunesis Annual Golf Tournament

I don't know about you, but it made us want to go play golf with Zunesis!

Kristen and David's Wedding

September 10, 2015 two amazing love birds made a commitment to their love for each other. It was the most heartwarming wedding.

Good Life Acupuncture and Wellness Center

A truly remarkable wellness center. This is where it's felt. Visit: www.goodlifelongmont.com

The Bella Vita School

At BellaVita, they provide gentle guidance to encourage children to become life-long, independent learners and see themselves and others as positive, contributing members of the community. Here is a short promotional video for this home grown preschool  in Longmont Colorado. 

Boulder County Water Tour

The all-day water tour gives an on-the-ground view of Boulder County’s water resources, including its roles in producing local food and providing water to rural users. The tour from the plains to the foothills will include stops along the way and a complimentary lunch by a private lake. The Water Tour 2015 is a collaborative effort between Boulder County Parks and Open Space and Farmers Alliance for Integrated Resources (FAIR) with the support of local conservation districts, ditch companies, and businesses.


Discounts for firefighters, emergency medical professionals, military and veterans, law enforcement, teachers and healthcare workers when buying, selling, renting, or refinancing a home. https://www.homesforheroes.com/

Morgridge College of Education - University of Denver

The Teacher Preparation Programs mission is to ensure that students are prepared to succeed by mastering the competencies of effective, high-performing educators. TEP features small class sizes, abundant peer support, high academic standards, and a closely supervised field experience with linguistically and culturally diverse students. Hear what future educators have to say about the program!


This is true partnerships at work. Resellers of the Cisco distributor, Comstor, share their stories of how their EDGE program brings added value to their businesses.