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XSEED Design and Production plans to open a shared creative work space to house independents and small companies working in the creative industries that will provide Longmont Colorado store-front access professional services. Creatives including (but not limited to) graphic designers, photographers, video and film makers, artists, promotional vendors, writers, web/app/game/software developers, and social media & marketing experts are invited to share this space with them.

The cocreative space will be a progressive work environment built for independents or micro-businesses working in the visual communication arts that want to benefit from collaborating with a like-minded community.

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/ The Vision

When diversity, openness, and ideas collide, those moments provide the necessary fuel to excel. Middleground will provide both the physical and social infrastructure for this to happen. We serve as a place for professionals to explore their creativity, then apply their ideas to their projects – feeding a vibrant local economy in the process.

Middleground is more than a place to work, it's community. We believe that creative professionals should focus on inclusion and collaboration over competition. Independents are growing in their professions faster when they are engaging with each other.

Middleground is creating a beautiful space, a place where you want to spend time working. We are a community that embraces having fun as well as being productive. We provide both a place to work and a place to connect. We connect tenants with each other as well as the larger community.

  • It's a place to build authentic relationships.
  • A place to learn, and teach.
  • A place to share ideas, experience, and knowledge.
  • And a place to meet with clients.

It's an open, public, space where people choose to work.

/ The Space

Middleground will be more than a room full of desks. It will be a beautiful community space where creatives are constantly bringing value to each other. Independents will get the same or better amenities as a large corporate office, including the option for a private office or a semi-private dedicated desk. Communal spaces are an affordable solution to leasing your own location, and offer perks that working at home doesn't.

The space will include:

  • Eight 100-120 sq/ft private offices
  • Fourteen semi-private dedicated desks
  • Twelve open bar-top seats
  • Eighteen open high-top collaborative seats
  • Four Lounge areas
  • One Photo studio/flex space
  • One large conference room
  • Two small meeting rooms
  • Free wifi & access to power
  • Outdoor patio space
  • Lockable storage
  • Two private phone booths
  • Free coffee
  • Kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Mail service
  • Receptionist service

/ Waiting List

Get on our waiting list and you will receive updates on the progress of the space. There is no commitment from you by placing your name on our waiting list.

We're seeking writers, web developers, acoustic engineers, designers, writers, journalists, marketing strategists, artists, entrepreneurs and all kinds of independent professionals or teams to call this space home.


Light On is a group of creatives that get together twice a month to share ideas and collaborate on community projects. A large sum of this group will also be occupying the space at Middleground. We welcome all creatives!